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Travel experience stories from the Mekong River to the streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the South China Sea at Nha Trang..

japanese couple on honeymoon20 Hours of Flying--Doing Well in Vietnam. While you are most definitely tired, your no-jet-lag strategy worked, at least when flying west.

A banyan tree is VietnamBanyan Tree and Avatar. Made famous because its spiritual, mystical importance in the movie Avatar, the banyan tree is also important to Asian countries, including Vietnam

two women on motorbike head to big-cBig C is like a Wal-Mart in Ho Chi Minh City. Big C in Vietnam is a big box store with all things you would expect, including Vietnamese products plus some American foods.

look out of the busThe Bus to Nha Trang. From Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang takes more or less eight hours on mostly two-lane roads. Flying misses so much.

Cham Towers in Vietnam iconCham Towers from Champa Empire. The evening before returning to Ho Chi Minh City, I asked the tour guide if we could stop on the way back for a photo op. I figured everyone would unpack their digital cameras…

Round Coracles in South China SeaRound Coracles Going Straight. Vietnamese fishers employ wood coracles to move between fishing vessels and from ship to shore and back.

Recipe for dinner for eight iconDinner for Eight Costs 807,400. Ordering family style in Ho Chi Minh City, we ate rice, noodles, seafood, passion fruit drinks and lots of different veggies, for eight, for a cool 807,400

hauling sheet glass on motorbike iconHauling Sheet Glass on a Motorbike in Ho Chin Minh City. It is just one of several creative ways people are using two-wheelers to get around and do their work in Ho Chi Minh City.

man with pig ear iconLearning Vietnamese by Means of the Heo. Your first Vietnamese vocabulary materializes from within a grocery store meat cooler.

trees near mekong river iconMekong River--Fruit, Rice, Quiet. On motorbikes we followed narrow paths into some beautifully quiet retreats in the Delta.

motorbikes iconMotorbikes and Scooters in Ho Chi Minh City. We have heard the number of motor bikes in Ho Chi Minh City tops 4.5 million.

Regina Pacis Ora Pro Nobis statueReplacing a Leaky Waterproof Camera in Vietnam. While warned by locals to wait until Japan to replace our drowned Stylus, we leapt off on our own and discovered our camera store.

soldier and tanks in front of reunification palaceReunification Palace. By coincidence we visited the palace on the birthday of Ho Chi Minh.

Rice Wine Scorpions, Vietnamese Folk MedicineRice Wine Scorpions Vietnamese Folk Medicine. Can scorpion-infused wine help your aching joints?

fake photo of cable cars blowing straight out in the windStrong Winds and the Vinpearl Land Cable Car. When the winds are really powerful, Vinpearl Land shuts down the cable car and uses its water-based transportation. Please read the entire article.

vietnamese fruits.Vietnamese Fruit Photos and Tastes. There are a lot of fruits in Vietnam. Some are new to us.

We Trust the Traffic When Walking Ho Chi Minh City. Moderately curious how you walk across the streets while avoiding injury or destruction, we observe the locals. The results?

crane raises above a building in vietnam.Working for a Future in Vietnam. While we are neither economists nor investment bankers, we know smart work and good quality when we see it.

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