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Motorbikes and Scooters in Ho Chi Minh City

We have heard the number of motor bikes in Ho Chi Minh City tops 4.5 million.

by Bob Kerstetter

Taipei, 2,228 flight kilometers north and some east of Ho Chi Minh City, has hundreds of thousands of two-wheeled, motorized vehicles.

While we have yet to discover the exact statistics, Ho Chi Minh City must have at least double the density of motorbikes. We have heard a total number 4.5 million, believe it, but cannot verify it.

The two-wheelers in both cities have small engines for modest speeds on flatlands. The big difference between the vehicles in the two cities is the size of the wheels. While Taipei runs on motor scooters with small wheels, the bikes in Ho Chi Minh City tend roll on large wheels, similar to those on motorcycles.

In Ho Chi Minh City and throughout Vietnam, you see many innovative uses of motorbikes. The same goes for scooters in Taiwan.

Taipei Two Wheeled Scooters

Taipei Two Wheeled Scooters Roll on Small Wheels.

Ho Chi Minh City Two Wheeler

Ho Chi Minh City Motor Bikes Run on Large Wheels Similar to Motorcycles.

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