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Village Hiker believes all useful communications—in print, presentation and web media—begins with the insights you gain from thoughtful research. Appropriate fact-finding uncovers the information and ideas you require to address the needs and interests of your readers, listeners and viewers. Research gives you something to say. In addition, deep and wide studying helps you keep your message current, interesting, focused and concise.


We provide you with accurate research and concise writing on any topic in any style. Our experience includes ad copy, white papers, proposals, press releases, articles, newsletters and technical manuals, for print, presentation and web.
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Instead of making names for ourselves we make a name for you. As ghostwriters we work in the background. You provide the content. While we do the writing, we never appear as authors. The published work is yours.
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We combine traditional editing methods with modern technology to make sure your published work is accurate, concise and in the style appropriate for your audience, from casual to campy to scholarly.
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We teach you basic and advanced writing and publishing skills for print, presentation and web media. You learn how to inform, educate, entertain, persuade and motivate your audience.
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We help you select the most effective media for communicating with your audience. By discovering the needs of your readers, listeners and viewers you can earn and keep their interest and loyalty.
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Thoughts on working with a writer.

Writing is a Profession

While writing is difficult, we love our work. We help improve communication among people.

Writing is similar to any other profession. It requires training from experienced professionals.

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