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Writing and Publishing Examples

Each example provides content for the needs of the intended audience.


Because we are researchers and writers first, we specialize in organization and development of content for websites. We emphasize clear organization and While we can also create basic designs for websites, we work with website graphic desigers.

Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off
This annual event brings together the various branches of the Jewish community while reaching out to its broader neighborhood, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and the surrounding communities. Visit the Dallas Kosher Chili Cook-off website.
Warren Abrams, Dallas Defense Attorney
Describes the types of cases Mr. Abrams defends as a criminal lawyer in Dallas, Texas—from DWI to weapons offenses. Village Hiker designed the website, proofread the content and edited the pages for English language readers and search engine optimization. Visit the Warren Abrams, Dallas Defense Attorney website.


Ghostwriting presents the ideas of the author in the words of the writer. A skilled ghostwriter adjusts the writing style to reflect the personality of the author—the person with the ideas. These examples illustrate the writing flexibility of the Village Hiker staff.

Examples available privately upon request.


These presentations illustrate two different approaches to addressing the needs of their unique audiences. One highlights the content,with the presenter filling in details. The other provides a detailed standalone introduction to an open source typesetting software product.

Passive Seismic Concepts
Uses sparse slides as background for a lecture-style presentation. Most slides highlight only one topic to make the content more memorable to the audience. Village Hiker researched, designed and prepared this presentation using Keynote and PowerPoint. This example is a PDF of the original. View the Passive Seismic Concepts presentation.
Introduction to TeX
Uses detailed slides to present an overview of the TeX open source typesetting system. Village Hiker researched, designed and prepared this presentation using TeX. View the Introduction to TeX presentation.

Case Studies

These case studies explain how a customer uses a specific product or service to solve one or more problems. Case Studies illustrate the practical outcome of using a product or service.

Volmar Technologies
Explains how an IT consultant protected his customers against an emerging type of spam by using the heuristic security technology built into an email server. Village Hiker optimized the design, plus researched and wrote the content of this case study. View the Volmar Technologies case study.
Victoria School District
Describes how a school district saved money, while offering secure and easy-to-use email services with a product competing against Microsoft Exchange. Village Hiker optimized the design, plus researched and wrote the content of this case study. View the Victoria School District case study.

White Papers

These commercial white papers describe industry issues, explain approaches to addressing the matters in question and present as possible solutions the products or services available from the client.

ARI Technology Background
Highlights the theory and implementation of measuring and analyzing small earth movements when searching for hydrocarbon reservoirs. Village Hiker researched and wrote the content of this white paper. View the ARI Technology Background white paper.
Email Server Essentials
Explains the email service options available to small-to-medium size organizations, touching on efficiency, total-cost-of-ownership (TOC), IT-related issues and security against data theft and email-borne threats. View the Email Server Essentials white paper.

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