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Canoe on Amish BuggyAmish Country in Holmes County Ohio Photos. Photos from the largest community of Amish in the world.

Blooming Reservoir from AirBloomington Reservoir Photos. While some people met and fell in love at Bloomington Reservoir, today, almost no one remembers it.

Tree cross Lost Creek at Fort RichardsonFort Richardson State Park Photos. This historical location sits where the North Texas Prairies meet the Panhandle Plains near Jacksboro.

Excited couple see Mt. FujiFujikawaguchiko from Tokyo by Bus. Kawaguchiko gives you a feminine north-side, Japanese-tourist view of Mount Fuji.

scary lamp outside haunted hotelHaunted Baker Hotel Photos. Once a popular health and entertainment resort, the Baker Hotel is rumored to be haunted. It is currently under renovation.

Japanese in line at grocery store.Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores and Supermarkets in Japan. You can about Japan by shopping for food along side the local people

lion bites should of women with nice hairLion Dances for Good Luck. A dancing lion in Japan attracts your attention.

female bullet train driver in japanJapanese Shinkansen Photos. Developed at a time when other nations moved away from rail, the Shinkansen provides daily transportation for 900,000 people in Japan.

logger head baby turtle heads across beach toward the atlantic oceanMelbourne Beach Florida Photos. Photos from a beautiful community located between the Atlantic Ocean of the World and the Indian River of Florida

happy birthday red bull made with cansRed Bull Art of Can Photos. Photos taken at Red Bull Art of Can exhibit, The Galleria, Dallas, Texas, July 30-August 22, 2010

bicycle at spring creek nature areaSpring Creek Nature Area Photos. Spring Creek Nature Area is a beautiful walking and bicycling destination in Richardson, Texas, USA..

playful lion statue guard temple in taiwanTaiwan Temples Photos. Temple worship is part of life for many people in Taiwan.

looking down in the lake made by quarryingVermont Granite Photos. Vermont granite from the E. L. Smith Quarry works for buildings, walkways and memorials. Technically it is granodiorite.

a sculpted tree grows out of a rock in wakanura bayWakayama City Japan Photos. Wakayama is an historically important, relaxed Japanese city

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