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Bloomington Reservoir Photos

While some people met and fell in love at Bloomington Reservoir, today, almost no one remembers it.

When frozen on the surface by winter cold, Bloomington Reservoir attracted ice skaters. Some met and feel in love. More to come on this…

So stay tuned.

The reservoir originated as a hand-excavated water resource for Wooster, Ohio. The reservoir supplied drinking water to several thousand people living downhill in the small prosperous city located in the middle of farm, gas, oil and Amish country.

A part of the reservoir appears in the lower right corner of the photos.

Bloomington Reservoir, Wooster Ohio. As far as Village Hiker knows, this photo is in the public domain.

Bloomington Reservoir from the air.

Bloomington Reservoir, Wooster Ohio.

Bloomington Reservoir annotated from the air.

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