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Places we like in America. This is a new section, but keeps growing each week.

Wind-powered water pump on top of hill.Amish Country, Holmes County, Ohio, Roads Less Traveled. Visit the largest community of gentle people in the world. They live in Holmes County, Ohio, 70 miles south of Cleveland.

Looking between trees on a lake.Fort Richardson State Park and Historic Site - Jacksboro, Texas. Fort Richardson State Park and Historic Site offers a relaxing and enriching all-day visit to a partially restored 19th Century frontier outpost.

Painted portrait of Dr. King.Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site - Atlanta, Georgia. A must-visit, half-day, civil rights history stop in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sunrise on Mt. YaleMount Yale Sunrise Hike - Collegiate Peaks. At the crack of dawn with a buddy, catch an awesome high-altitude sunrise on Mount Yale, near Buena Vista, Colorado. You may also see an endangered boreal toad.

Barbecue barrellWho to Barbecue When Your Church Makes a Mistake. Some time back a small church found itself in trouble because of a rather large mistake. With people looking for a way out, someone suggested fire.

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