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Short Bits

Short pieces with some opinions, but not necessarily ours. Short Bits describe, analyze and interpret people, places, things, occurrences and ideas. They attempt to inform, educate, entertain, persuade and motivate—with any single piece doing one or more of these. When expressing strong opinions, they sometimes empathize with alternative points of view.

V from V for Vendetta icon.Bonfire Night for Politically Weary People. The core conspirators planned to rent a basement warehouse below the House of Lords, bring in barrels of gunpowder…

Congress shall make no law icon.What the Constitution Says About Rick Perry's Public Faith. Texas Governor Rick Perry and his prayer rally friends invited everyone to an event in Houston.

Obama Christmas Tree IconA Christmas Theme from President Obama. We all know how well political discussions fare at family gatherings.

Rudyard Kipling iconThe Gods of the Copybook Headings. I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.

liar, liar, liar, sort of text iconInstitutional Lying. When I asked if she reads the small print, she admitted she does not, not even for the products she sells.

Hong Kong on empire state building iconKing Kong? A Slightly Misunderstood T-Shirt. Looking up we connected eye-to-eye. I smiled. Grinning, she obviously knew something I did not.

Windows with red circle around and line throughMaybe it's Time to Outlaw MS Windows. A rant about security issues by a multiple-time victim of the unlocked doors in Windows.

Grandpa Joe iconMy Hair Is Getting Darker. It's the same, she said. Your eyes are getting dimmer.

Sea of Japan Map icon.Naming the Sea of Japan. The Sea of Japan separates Japan from Asia.

Hiroshima Bomb IconPresident Obama Addresses Japanese A-Bombs. Did President Obama apologize for America using the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Here are two versions of his address. You decide.

Obama City Japan IconObama City, Japan. Japan has an Obama City. Really!

Nice street vendor woman in VietnamPickpockets in Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo. Some awareness of predators feeding on travelers is probably advisable, but maybe mostly at home.

USA Map with words USA USA USAHow to Play the Cultural Sensitivity Trump Card. But, who does the world call on when there is trouble? Us! The capitalist pigs.

Crown Prince Hirohito and Princess Nagako in 1924 iconPursuing the Truth About Emperor Hirohito. Both conspiracy theorists and those who believe Hirohito innocent of war crimes can find support for their positions.

skull, bomb, dove iconSome Thoughts About Terrorists. Thinking about 9/11 and later. Terrorists fight for many reasons.

stylized smug face with raised hand in front of stop signTolerance as a Relationship Killer. Tolerance does nothing beyond putting up with people.

stylized airplane and winking person iconTSA Guards Winking at You. Accept the full-body scan and enjoy your trip. Safely.

USS Montpelier Shells and Explodes Gas Plant in Balikpapan, BorneoWhen an Elderly Marine Cries. Damp eyes and streaked cheeks come easy for the combat veterans remaining.

White supremacist Chris Cantwell accepts police assistance.White Supremacy and Crowd-Sourced Ridicule. All people can love others exactly like themselves. Try loving someone you loathe.

Head of Christ by RembrandtWhy Jesus As King Makes America Uncomfortable. Americans experience shortness of breath, stomach cramps and blurred vision when thinking of Jesus as a king.

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