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My Hair Is Getting Darker!

It's the same, she said. Your eyes are getting dimmer.

by Bob Kerstetter

Grandpa Joe lay dying. Known among his grandchildren for wavy white hair, his red-headed youth was simply a story.

Sitting on watch next to his bed, holding his hand, the red roots became neon obvious.

“Hey, his hair is red. Look. What gives?”

Joseph Franklin Kister with his baseball team collegues.“We’re giving him lots of vitamins through the IV. Sometimes it makes hair color change.”


Forty plus years later, I take vitamin supplements because of weight training, Tai Chi and the highly processed nature of our food chain. With my hair at least 50% gray, I am aging in harmony with my wife of 40 years. Since we must age, doing it together is sort of fun.

Fun or not, today the mirror said, “Your hair ain’t as gray. Ask your child bride.”

“It’s the same,” she said. “Your eyes are getting dimmer.”

In the photo, Grandpa Joe is in the second row on the far left.

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