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A Christmas Theme from President Obama

We all know how well political discussions fare at family gatherings.

by Bob Kerstetter

Honestly, Village Hiker is most definitely not a partisan organization. Porno and violence excluded, the company helps almost anyone communicate more clearly, regardless of political and social orientation. Yet, sometimes a political message of remarkable silliness deserves a quick commentary.

Just before Christmas 2011, published this Christmas message, one would think with the approval of the president: “Whether you’re heading out of town or crashing at your parent’s house, this holiday season is the perfect chance to talk with your friends and family about why you’re working to re-elect President Obama.”

Huh? Come one!

While hoping not to appear overly picky, what about: “play games with your kid, work for peace in your heart, enjoy the time of giving, practice generosity from a happy spirit, watch It’s a Wonderful Life?” There are tons of better things than talking about re-electing a politico, even one you may like.

We all know how well political discussions fare at family gatherings.

Christmas message from Barack Obama dot com

Christmas message from Barack Obama dot com. Okay, so we added the Christmas Tree.

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