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About Short Bits

Short Bits analyze and interpret people, places, things, occurrences and ideas. They attempt to inform, educate, entertain, persuade and motivate—with any single piece doing one or more of these. When expressing strong opinions, they sometimes explain alternative points of view.

Bonfire Night for Politically Weary Americans

Can Rick Perry Practice His Faith in Public?

Christmas Theme from President Obama

Did President Obama Apologize for the A-Bombs?

Gods of the Copybook Headings - Kipling

How to Play the Cultural Sensitivity Trump Card

Institutional Lying

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King Kong — A Slightly Misunderstood T-Shirt

Maybe It's Time to Outlaw MS Windows

Naming the Sea of Japan

Obama City, Japan

Pickpockets in Ho Chi Minh City and Tokyo

Pursuing the Truth About Emperor Hirohito

So Who are the Terrorists?

Tolerance as a Relationship Killer

TSA Guards Winking at You?

When a Elderly Marine Cries

Why Jesus As King Makes America Uncomfortable

Zak Needs Bone Marrow! Is it yours?

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