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Travel experience stories from the Mekong River to the streets of Ho Chi Minh City to the South China Sea at Nha Trang.

Vietnam Travel Experience Stories

20-hours-of-flying-icon20 Hours of Flying—Doing Well in Vietnam

banyan-tree-and-avatar-iconBanyan Tree and Avatar

big-c-is-like-a-walmart-iconBig C is like a Wal-Mart in Ho Chi Minh City

cham-towersCham Towers from Champa Empire

coracles-in-south-china-iconRound Coracles Going Straight

dinner-for-eight-iconDinner for Eight Costs 807,400. Really.

hauling-sheet-glass-on-a-motorbike-in-saigon-iconHauling Sheet Glass on a Motorbike in Ho Chin Minh City

learning-vietnamese-by-means-of-the-pig-iconLearning Vietnamese by Means of the Heo

mekong-river-fruit-rice-quiet-iconMekong River—Fruit, Rice, Quiet

motobikes-and-scooters-iconMotorbikes and Scooters in Ho Chi Minh City

replacing-a-leaky-waterproof-camera-in-vietnam-iconReplacing a Leaky Waterproof Camera in Vietnam

reunification-palace-iconReunification Palace

rice-wine-scorpions-vietnamese-folk-medicine-iconRice Wine Scorpions, Vietnamese Folk Medicine

strong-winds-and-the-vinpearl-land-cable-car-iconStrong Winds and the Vinpearl Land Cable Car

the-bus-to-nha-trang-iconThe Bus to Nha Trang

vietnam-fruitsVietnamese Fruit Photos and Tastes

we-trust-trafficWe Trust the Traffic When Walking Ho Chi Minh City

working-for-a-future-in-vietnam-iconWorking for a Future in Vietnam

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