USS Montpelier CL-57 - Cleveland Class Cruiser

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In War and Peace

USS Montpelier CL-57 served from 1943 through 1945 as part of several naval task forces during the Pacific War of World War II.


She carried her crew from the Solomon Islands to the Mariana Islands to the Philippines to the East China Sea to the land Japan. In Japan, the crew helped repatriate prisoners of war in Wakayama City. For those who went ashore in Wakayama many began to see the humanity of the Japanese.

The ship steamed to Hiroshima where some of the crew went ashore. In his book, Pacific War Diary, James Fahey wrote about Hiroshima, saying in part:

It was deserted except for a few people walking through with white cloths over their noses and mouths…

A few frames of buildings were the only thing that was left standing. Everything was ground into dust…

We passed a mother nursing her baby in the cellar of a destroyed house. She did not pay any attention to us as she sat there in the dust. Her whole family might have been wiped out and the both of them might die later from the effects of the bomb. We felt very sorry for them. The only thing they owned was the clothes on their backs, and that was not much.

Online Resources

mighty-monty-cruise-book-cover-iconMonty Monty Cruise Book summarizes the activities of the USS Montpelier CL-57 during the time the Cleveland Class Cruiser served in the Pacific War. The book has been reproduced from an original distributed to crew members after the end of the war.

uss-montpelier-cl57-from-stern-1944War Diary of the USS Montpelier CL-57 records activities of this Cleveland Class Cruiser during its first six months — September 9, 1942 through March 31, 1943. These handwritten records on steno paper were later replaced by formal deck logs.

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