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The Streets of Taichung

The streets Taichung City support transportation for a million-plus people using feet, cars, trucks and motor scooters.

by Bob Kerstetter

The streets of Taichung City provide transportation for a million-plus people. While you find many sidewalks, some of the time you walk along the street edge.

Lots of cars and small trucks roam the city. They drive safely around pedestrians.

The most interesting vehicle is the musical garbage truck. When you hear its notes you rush to the street to give it your refuse.

Then come the scooters—guys in suits, gales in dresses, moms with multiple kids on board, two adults talking on mobile phones. Some riders wear fabric masks. Like bumblebees of traffic, they scoot past four-wheelers waiting in lines.

Legally, scooters hold the right of way over cars and trucks. They pass on left or right, even between a lane and the curb. Drivers of the larger vehicles must—by law—check all mirrors before turning. Hitting a scooter brings legal consequences.

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