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Signs of Our (Japanese) Times

When we travel in Japan, invariably we encounter unexpected sights as we visit various locations, including interesting signs.

by Nancy Kerstetter

One of the reasons people travel is to see new things and have fresh experiences. When we travel in Japan, we encounter unexpected signs as we visit various cities around the country. We record these to help remember our trip. Here is a selection of a few entries in our photographic journal from recent travels in Japan.

Miyajima ropeway sign

Somebody had fun creating this sign on Miyajima Island, near Hiroshima.

Hello Kitty Popcorn Vending Machine

Popcorn, anyone? Hello Kitty vending machine dispenses popcorn at Wakayama Castle, Wakayama, Japan.

Japanese Wild Pig Sign

Understandable in any language, this sign put us on our guard while exploring Mt. Nagusa near Kimiidera Temple at Wakayama.

Oyama Happy Road Arcade

Imaginative sign uses balloons to advertise the summer sale at Happy Road Arcade, Oyama, Tokyo, Japan.

Iwatsuki Pavement Art

Sidewalk art in Iwatsuki features the 17th century Toki-no-Kane bell that still rings twice daily at 6 am and 6 pm.

Warning Flood by Heavy Rain

Water gathered into splashing puddles during a steady rain in Hakodate City. We decided to avoid a soaking by using the Honcho Underpass. Midway into the more or less dry passage we saw this sign.

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