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Full Photos of Japanese Construction Barriers

Colorful critters--rabbits, frogs, giraffes--mark construction sites in Japan.

by Bob Kerstetter

Added by necessity, here are the three photos used to compose the Japanese construction barrier illustration.

As mentioned before, Japan construction sites use plenty of orange and yellow caution signs and cones. But they also use rabbits, frogs, giraffes and dozens of other cute critters. These photos come uncropped and unedited from the camera.

A frog barrier from Niigata City Japan.

Frog construction barrier in Niigata City Japan

A giraffe barrier from Niigata City Japan.

Giraffe construction barrier in Niigata City Japan

A rabbit barrier from Hino City Japan.

Rabbit construction barrier in Hino City Japan

Here is a bonus photo showing a common construction barrier at an historical site in Hakodate City Japan.

Regular old construction barrier in Japan.

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