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New Neighborhood Park Attracts All Ages

The playground is designed for children ages 5 to 12 but toddlers and preschoolers will also find plenty to do.

by Nancy Kerstetter

My morning walk took me to Richardson’s newest recreational park, Durham Park, 410 S. Weatherred Drive, Richardson, Texas. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood setting, the one-acre playground and park attracts residents of all ages. No one was there when I arrived at 8:00 except a painter finishing some work on the picnic pavilion. By 8:20, children with parents in tow appeared.

The playground is designed for children ages 5 to 12 but toddlers and preschoolers will also find plenty to do. Climbing toys, slides, swings, monkey bars and an kids’ eye level activity center will entertain children for hours. There are park benches and picnic tables for seating.

A local resident brought his young daughter to swing. He says he did not know what the city was planning when they tore down three homes on the property, but he was pleased when he heard a park was in the works. He plans to use the playground often.

Besides the father and daughter duo this morning, a grandmother brought her young grandson to play. A neighborhood mom pushed a double stroller to the park while her mother accompanied her and her young elementary son on a bike. The park went from zero children to five in a matter of moments and well before the heat of a summer July day hit.
Durham Park Playground

Exploring and sampling the playground at kids’ eye level.

Durham Park Playground

Local residents arrive by 8:20 A.M. to enjoy the park before the day heats up.

Durham Park Playground

Designed for the 5 to 12 age range, preschoolers and toddlers also find things to do at Durham Park.

Durham Park Playground

Painter adds finishing touches to picnic pavilion. The park officially opened June 8, 2013.

Durham Park Playground

Richardson Heights is home to a new neighborhood park nestled on a one-acre lot at 410 S. Weatherred Dr.

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