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USS Montpelier CL-57 Cruise Book - 1942-1945

The cruise book of the USS Montpelier CL-57 summarizes the Pacific War activities of the Cleveland Class Cruiser from 1942 through 1945.

This cruise book summarizes the activities of the USS Montpelier, CL-57, during the time the Cleveland Class Cruiser served in the Pacific War. The book has been reproduced from an original distributed to crew members after the end of the war. This original belonged to Buss Kerstetter, a Firecontrolman FCO3c, who served aboard the USS Montpelier from May 1943 through October 1945.

These pages are free for web viewing. To see more details, use your web browser to zoom in on the images. Original books, plus copies on CD and DVD, are available from vendors on the web.

After the end of the Pacific War, the USS Montpelier went to Wakaura Bay south of Wakayama City, Japan. At Wakayama City Buss went ashore to help repatriate Allied POWs. When told they already had enough volunteers, he and four friends walked into Wakayama City, where they found a likable people who worked hard, built modern cities and warmly welcomed them. See our photos of Wakayama City today.

Contents to Mighty Monty Cruise Book

Front Cover



Coat of Arms

Flag Ship

Final Officers


Box Score 1

Box Score 2

Box Score 3

Gunnery First Division

Gunnery Second Division

Gunnery Third Division

Gunnery Fourth Division

Gunnery Fifth Division

Gunnery Six Division

Gunnery Seventh Division

Gunnery Fox Division

Gunnery Item Division

Gunnery Victor Division

Engineering Able Division

Engineering Baker Division

Engineering Easy Division

Engineering Mike Division

C & R Roger Division

Navigation Negat Division

Communications Charlie Division

Medical How Division

Supply Sugar Division 1

Supply Sugar Division 2

Flag Allowance George Division

Missions of a Cruiser

AA Fire Support for Carriers

Fire Support for Mine Sweepers

Neutralizing and Protecting Beaches

Call Fire, Destruction of Enemy Fleet

Air Attacks


Kamikaze Miss Number 1

Kamikaze Miss Number 2

November 29, 1944

December 15, 1944

Shore Bombardments

Saipan Bomardments

Palawan and Borneo

Bombardments and Assault Forces

Battle Damage

Incidents of Shipboard Life

Replenishing Ammo, Fueling at Sea

Flight Quarters, Catapult Aircraft

Field Day, Working Party

Scraping Bottom, Streaming Paravanes

Crew’s Payday, Divine Services

Swimming Call, Piped Over the Side

The Lighter Side

Entertainment on the Fantail

Johnson Jive

Sydney and Girls, Girls, Girls

Candid Closeups, Flag at Work

Medical Department at Work

Working, Christmas Dinner, Knots

Ship, Damage and Fire Control

Repait Watch, Lighting Off

Shipfitter at Work, Purple Hearts

All South Pacific

Cross the Line

Royal Family Arrives

Royal Policeman

Court is Convened

Royal Surgeon Amputates

Word is Received

Evacuation of Allied Military Personnel

In Memoriam

Grim Reminders

Bottoms Up

Mighty Monty is Still Afloat

Signal in the Air

The Rising Run Sets

Back Cover

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