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Strong Winds and the Vinpearl Land Cable Car

by Bob Kerstetter

First of all, if the winds are really powerful, Vinpearl Land shuts down the cable car and uses its water-based transportation to move people between the mainland and the Island. The Vietnamese operations team and their Russian developers are very aware of your safety.

Given that, the day we visited Vinpearl Land the wind was stiff. The Vinepearl cable car is the longest over water in the world, spanning 3.3 kilometers from near Nha Trang to the amusement park, resort and spa. The winds were even stiffer at the peak of the ride 60 meters above the South China Sea. So how do such winds modify your ride?

Not being engineers, we have no detailed knowledge about this, just our experience. The cars themselves hang as rectangles with diamond shaped outer walls—that is they are wider in the middle than at the top or bottom. This must be a design decision because in a stiff wind, the cars have almost no swaying motion you can feel. You can hear the whooshing of the wind, but you never notice any uncomfortable wind-generated movement. The ride is very smooth. In fact, the oscillation from the wind is so small, it is less than that created by twisting around to look behind. I know this because I got elbowed by my female half for slightly moving the car—not much—but more so than the wind.

Wind-Swept Cable Cars - See the next image.

Wind-swept cable cars. And be sure to see the next image.

April Fools in May!  In reality, the cars hang stable in the wind.

April Fools in May! In reality, the cars hang stable in the wind.

About one-third of the way to the island.

About one-third of the way to the island.


cjkd says: April Fools yourself! You got me at first! I wonder how long it took to travel the 3.3 kilometers!?!

villagehiker says: It takes about 15 minutes. That is about 14.9 too long for people afraid of heights.

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