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Taking People Pictures in Shy Japan

by Bob Kerstetter

Japanese people are shy, sometimes going out of their way to avoid being in a photograph.

We find the best way to shoot people pictures in Japan is simply to ask. You usually receive a “yes” answer.

Father and Daughter

Ask Politely and Snap a Photo

This father and daughter stopped to exchange greetings.

Grandmother and Granddaughter

Grandmother and Granddaughter Exchange Greetings

This grandmother and granddaughter did likewise.

Junior High Girls — Not So Shy

School Girls Saying We Are Happy

Japanese junior high young people sometimes swarm English speakers, especially grandparent looking ones, especially Americans. These young people approached at a castle, asking to speak English. They also showed pleasure in standing for a picture.

Junior High Boy — Just Say "Hi"

School Boys on Castle Wall

These guys just wanted to say “hi” and pose for the picture.

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