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Small Rooms or Large Rooms When Traveling Japan?

by Bob Kerstetter

When you visit Japan you can stay in large rooms and pay large room rates. You can save big money by staying in small rooms.

Small Rooms or Large Rooms When Traveling Japan

This small-room hotel in the Asakusa section of Tokyo provides private and clean sleeping spaces with bathroom and shower, plus toilet paper. It has excellent wireless Internet access.

Small Clean Private Bathroom at Agora Place in Asakua Tokyo Japan

Without a deal—such as an online coupon—you pay extra for towels, razors, combs, tooth paste, tooth brushes, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

We carry toiletries and quick drying travel towels when visiting Japan, but sometimes opt for the hotel towels.

Looking out the window from the hotel, we can see other highrise buildings, plus a nice view of the Tokyo Skytree.

Night View from the Window of Agora Hotel

The bed may feel small if you are large.

Our very comfortable small-room hotel is Agora Place in the Asakusa section of Tokyo.

Agora Place Small Room Hotel in Asakusa Tokyo Japan

Again, you decide and control your costs.

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