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Photos From Behind – Seeing What Japan Sees

by Bob Kerstetter

We like photographing people doing things while unaware of the camera. One of our favorite genres snaps photos from behind so you see what they see. Here are some of our favorite shots from Japan.

A woman enjoys the shade of an umbrella while viewing Sendai City from the top of Aoba Castle (青葉城), also known as Sendai Castle (仙台城).

Woman Views Sendai City from Aoba Castle

Children watch cherry blossoms flow from the walls of Ka-jo Castle Park (霞城公園の桜) toward the moat. Ka-Jo incorporates the partially restored ruins of Yamagata Castle in Yamagata City.

Children View Cherry Blossoms at Ka Jo Castle Park Yamagata

During full bloom of cherry blossoms visitors walk on top of the wall at Ka-jo Castle Park (霞城公園の桜) in Yamagata City.

Nighttime cherry blossom viewing at Ka-jo Castle Park Yamagata

Two girls and their mother watch the koinobori—carp flags (こいのぼり)—stretching bank-to-bank across the Kitakami River in Kitakami City.

Watching Koinobori in Kitakami City

A little girl totes her rabbit in a back carrier while viewing the rock splitting cherry tree—Ishiwarizakura (石割桜)—with mom in Morioka City.

Girl With Rabbit Views Rock Splitting Sakura

A man photographs Ishiwarizakura—Rock Splitting Cherry Tree—in Morioka City. A girl poses for a different photograph.

Man photographs Ishiwarizakura Rock Splitting Cherry Tree in Morioka Japan

A daring young Japanese boy scales a wall at Tama Zoological Park (多摩動物公園) in Hino City, Tokyo Metropolis.

Japanese Climber Scales Wall at Tama Zoological Park

An attentive parent—perhaps a grandparent—explains the happenings of a water stream near the orangutang section of Tama Zoological Park.

Passing Along Wisdom Through Friendship

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