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Cooking Okonomiyaki from Scratch – Second Try

by Bob Kerstetter

Here is my second attempt at making okonomiyaki from scratch. We eat this a lot while traveling in Japan.

Okonomiyaki Second Try

Okonomiyaki Second Try

My first attempt from scratch was too ugly to photograph. My very first one came from a bag mix.

On this one the batter-to-cabbage ratio is too high, so it looks too much like a pancake. It tasted very good. This one is an extra destined for the freezer so it has no sauce, mayonnaise or seaweed powder.

As a foundation I used the cooking instructions from the Cooking with Dog Youtube Channel.

My ingredients differ some from those presented by Cooking with Dog. While the dog is French, the cook is Japanese, so when in doubt go with her—the cook, not the dog—ingredients.

Thank you dog.

Japanese Word

Okonomiyaki, もんじゃやき, もんじゃ焼き

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