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100 Yen Convenience Stores in Japan Good For Tourists

by Bob Kerstetter

To compete against a growing sector of discount grocery stores in Japan, Lawson 100 convenience stores offer beverages, packaged goods, fresh foods and snacks in a 100 yen store format. This is good news for hungry foreign travelers and tourists visiting Japan.

Convenience stores in Japan tend to be clean, well stocked and reasonably priced.

Lawson 100 in Sendai, Japan.

Most items in the Lawson 100 stores cost 105 yen. Exceptions include box meals.

Lawson 100 stores come from a partnership between Lawson and 99 Plus. The project runs more than 1,000 Lawson 100 stores in Japan. The stores are good places to find economical products on the run.

Lawson continues to operate its conventional convenience stores throughout Japan. It is second in number of stores only to 7-Eleven. A Japanese company with headquarters in Osaka, Lawson originated in the United States during 1939 in Ohio. Lawson operates stores in Hawaii and plans to open others in America.

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