Buss, the Emperor and Jackie, a WWII Pacific War Love Story

by Bob and Nancy Kerstetter—A story emerging from letters and diaries, plus original research into the plaited political, cultural and technological histories of Japan and America. (Richardson, Texas: Village Hiker Press.)

Frustrated and motivated by the beginning of combat on December 7, 1941, Buss left his job as a construction electrician and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Hoping to help quickly end the conflict, he entered the war eager to engage the enemy.

Buss fought throughout the Pacific against the unrelenting Japanese military. Gung-ho during his training and first combat engagements, his heart and life change forever after several tragicly touching human-to-human encounters.

buss the emperor and jackie wwii pacific war memoir

Taken from his letters, the dairies of his wife, interviews with his shipmates and other historical records, the story shows Buss, Jackie and their friends working to maintain life and love amid the incertitudes of war.

Buss, the Emperor and Jackie is currently in production.